Diet and the Skin Barrier

The notion that we can fix what ails us by eating right is a commonly held belief.  And it is also one that has considerable merit in some medical conditions.  A nutritional treatment for common skin disorders, like atopic dermatitis, would be very welcome to most who suffer from these conditions. [Read more…]

Aging Skin: Beyond Wrinkles

elephant skin

Wrinkles come with age – and for most of us they are unwelcome guests.  Sunlight is a well-recognized cause of wrinkles. Slowly adding up over time. we pay the price of our past hours in the sun, as year by year our skin accumulates wrinkles. And just as nothing is fairly distributed in life, so, too, sun-induced wrinkles come sooner and with more intensity to some of us.

The unpleasant discovery of new wrinkles can begin quite early in life for those of us with lightly pigmented skin, and especially for those who are red-heads. The cautionary tales we hear about sun exposure and wrinkles are true, of course, as are the far more serious concerns about sun-induced skin cancers. But we should not equate sun-damaged or ‘photoaged’ skin – the aging that is produced by ultraviolet light – with chronologically or ‘intrinsically-aged’ skin – the aging that comes to all with the passage of time. Age itself does take its toll on skin, but it does so in a manner less obvious to the eye than the wrinkles that are formed by a life in the sun. [Read more…]