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Is it true that drinking more water would be good for my skin?

glass of water

We are frequently told that we should drink more water.  Consider too, that skin’s most important task is to prevent the escape of our precious body water – this is our critically important skin permeability barrier.  This might lead one to conclude that drinking more water would indeed be good for our skin – just as it is purported to be for the other parts of our body.  But at the heart of this lies a misconception about water and how our body handles this precious resource. [Continue Reading…]

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What Is The Skin Barrier, And Why Does It Matter?

The skin barrier is like a brick wall. The cells or "bricks" are surrounded by fat (lipids) or "mortar". Credit: Mary L. Williams Why Have A Skin Barrier? Our skin barrier is what stands between us and the outside world. But the skin barrier is more than a mere fence or line drawn in the sand to … [Read More...]

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Thoughts on the Rational Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

This is the 4th in our series of updates on atopic dermatitis. In the preceding articles we considered why so many more children nowadays are developing eczema, what we know about the genetic underpinings of the disease, and how defects in the skin barrier and loss of the acidic pH on the skin … [Read More...]

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Q & A

Do pores on the skin need to breathe?

  Pores on the skin represent openings of hair follicles and sweat ducts.  These pores do not ‘breathe’ in the usual sense – our lungs take care of that need.  Yet, it can help to keep your pores open.  Sweat gland openings can become obstructed – for example, by wearing skin tight clothing … [Read More...]

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When The Skin Barrier Fails: Barrier Repair Therapy

Know anyone with psoriasis or some type of eczema? Most of us do. These are common skin conditions: one child in five has atopic dermatitis; 2% of the population has psoriasis. That’s a lot of people! Treatment is an ongoing battle for many who are affected by one of these conditions. They must … [Read More...]

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